Big Buck Adventures Scrape Starter Kit


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Doe Whisper–  With its special blend of doe urine, doe tarsal and doe interdigital gland scent.   The scent has brought success to many hunters by using it in mock scrapes and scent wicks.   This scent will calm the deer giving them the feeling many deer are using this location and they will naturally come into your killing zone.  A special blend for the early season. This is an all natural deer scent lure with buck and doe urine with buck tarsal and interdigital gland scent.  This is a great all- season scent.  It has all the communications of a Doe. Doe urine, Doe interdigital, Doe tarsal gland and other pheromones.  This scent is used in mock scrapes, pulling a drag to your hunting location or as a cover scent on your boots. Works good during the early season or post rut with great success. Ultimate Scrape Mix– This is the hottest pre-rut scent on the market!  This will start early season competition between the old dominant bucks in the area and new bucks in the area. This is an all-natural scent collected at the right time with a blend of buck-in-rut urine, doe-in-heat urine, vaginal secretions (estrus), tarsal gland and interdigital gland scent. This is a perfect balance signaling to the buck and does that this a breeding zone where the breeding will take place. During the peak of the pre-rut and another muck scrape near the ultimate scrape mix and use dominant buck urine to let the other bucks know that there is competition in the breeding zone.  This works well for the hunter who like to rattle and call. Dominant Buck Urine– It’s recommended to use the urine and gland base scents to bring you the most advanced technology and deer activity that you will ever see.  These premium scents are time collected to bring you the highest quality. Our buck urine is collected when the buck’s testosterone levels are at the highest coming into the pre-rut. The premium Doe in Heat urine is collected when there are additional compounds that signals a doe breeding cycle. Refrigerate these scents when not in use. Preorbital Buck Scent– These are glands that are collected from the Pre Orbital Gland, Saliva Gland, ear and nose Gland to have a complete smell. This scent is made of the necessary scent glands to build a effective mock scrape.  Spray on the licking branch or on a scent wick if there are no leaves. This scent works best with Doe Whisper or Doe Passion witch we highly recommend this combination in the Pre rut and during the rut. This scent is most effective during the seek and chase phase (Pre-rut) and rut phase. If use it early or during the post rut, use Doe Whisper on the ground in a mock scrape. When using during the pre-rut; use it with Doe Passion, Blazing Hot Doe, or Hot Scrape Mix. When using these scents during the rut phase, it’s recommend to Doe call. Apply this just like the Buck Pre-Orbital.