Ice Houses

We carry Ambush fish houses, which have no wood components and feature seamless construction. Beautiful, durable, and light, you’ll be on the ice early!

The Ice Ambush Starts Here

Ambush Outdoor Products are built to last, right here in Minnesota. These seamless ice houses are constructed without wood, meaning nothing will rot or leak! Beautiful, light, and durable, Ambush will have your out on the ice earlier and more often. Contact Backwoods Outdoors, LLC now to learn more about our Ambush fish houses.

Designed for Minnesota Winters

When it came to designing the ultimate ice fishing house, the Ambush Outdoor Products’ team listened to the end user, consulted with the experts, and went about manufacturing fish houses that stand up to the rigors of being pulled on and off the ice in Minnesota’s brutal winter season. Best of all, they hold their value like no other. Whether you prefer to spear, angle, or both, are a veteran fisherman or are just getting started, Backwoods Outdoors, LLC will help you find the perfect Ambush ice house for your needs.

For the most time on the ice, call Backwoods Outdoors, LLC.

Ambush Slammer

The slammer was made to fit the whole family. It is very spacious and can be designed to include pull out couches to spend the whole weekend out on the lake. Design it the way that fits your preferences, with extra features that include cabinets, forced air and durable Aqua traction flooring. The slammer weighs between 1,640- 2040 lbs and can be easily managed on the ice.

Ambush Slayer

The Slayer Ice House Skid is a one of a kind ice house. The all-aluminum frame is built without wood and seams, the Slayer has no opportunity for water to penetrate.  Our chassis is insanely strong and made of a 1 piece welded design. Weighing only 880lbs, the Slayer is built with fiberglass on the interior and exterior with a gel coat exterior finish for a clean look. The Slayer is a skid house that allows you to be on the lake earlier in the season as well as being faster and easier to move!

Ambush Stryker

The Stryker Ice House Skid is a one of a kind ice house. Moving to new locations and setting up has never been easier. The Stryker can take you places in deep snow that a wheel house cannot. Featuring a strong chassis and skis, it allows the Stryker to be pulled from either direction for maximum versatility and convenience.

Skid House Accessories

Want to make your skid house your own? We have a variety of accessories to choose from so that your time away from home is just how you want it.


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