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Getting You Back Outdoors

Backwoods Outdoors, LLC is the culmination of a lifelong affinity for all things outdoors. We carry top-of-the-line hunting stands and blinds by Muddy, Hawk, Shadow Hunter, Titan and Earth Blinds, as well as Ambush ice houses. We are proud to be a family owned and operated company with a goal of providing everyone with an opportunity to take advantage of what makes living in Minnesota great. The woods, fields and lakes and prairies are the perfect reason to get out and explore nature with your friends and family.

Make the Outdoors your family’s new tradition

Backwoods Outdoors, LLC’s owner, Nate, spent his youth hunting and fishing, using any excuse he could find to be outside. In a world where it’s more common to see children watching videos on a handheld device than tromping around in nature, Nate and his wife decided early on to make spending time outdoors with their family — hunting, fishing, tracking deer, and looking for antler sheds — their norm. Along the way, they realized that, even in the off-season, sitting in a deer stand, watching wildlife, discovering nature, and enjoying quiet conversation, is a great way to bond.

Becoming a dealer for some of the best deer stands and blinds on the market was a perfect fit for us. Adding ice houses to our lineup was the next logical step. Contact us now to feed your passion for the outdoors, spend quality time with family and friends, and share that love with a new generation. 

Deer Blinds/Stands

Backwoods Outdoors, LLC has partnered with some of the biggest names in hunting, including Hawk, Muddy, Shadow Hunter, Titan & Earth Blinds to bring you high-quality deer blinds, stands, and accessories

Ice Houses

Whether you’re spearing or angling, Ambush’s built-to-last premium ice houses are a perfect fit. Eye-catching, durable, and light, they’ll have you out on the ice earlier and more often this winter!

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